A Matter of Balance: A Woman's Quest for Health, Harmony & Kick-ass Heels

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The unsustainable lifestyle of the modern day woman

What a heading, right?! I hope it caught your attention.

It comes from a blog post from Christine Arylo who according to her website aims "to inspire and dare people to live and love their truest selves – at ALL times. Everything here is about you being exactly who you are without reserve, with total freedom."

Christine describes herself as an Inspirational Catalyst (which I love!). I read Christine's book last year and just love her message, basically because most simply it is about loving yourself.

I encourage you to check out her blog http://www.daretoliveyou.com/blog/ and read her recent post about how women are running themselves into exhaustion.

Then I CHALLENGE you to take her 40-Day Self Love Challenge "The practice is this: Every morning before you get out of bed, ask yourself the question... 'What do I need to do to take care of ME today?'And whatever it says... you have to do it! No matter what. Especially if feels like 'no way I don't have time. It's the only way to break the crazy patterns in your head."

I emailed Christine about her post and challenge and said I wanted to share it with my customers and readers and she replied "its all about inspiring the love, and yes, a mention and a link would be great!" So, please check out her site, and commit to taking this challenge with me. I'm going to start March 1st. Feel free to begin whenever it feels right for you....but really, what are you waiting for?

We'd also love to hear about your experiences, so please consider posting to this blog, Christine's blog, or sending an email or Facebook message to share your experience.

Or click on this banner to go to Christine's site.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bring on the JOY!

To guard myself and my spirit from the gloom and doom that seems to be so prevalent in the air today, I need to consciously work on my outlook every day. While it sometimes seems like an effort, it really isn't as hard as it seems. Sources of joy & happiness are around us everywhere!

My fellow entrepreneur, mastermind buddy, and friend, Beth writes about this in her latest blog.

Like myself, she confesses to be addicted to inspiration.

"... every time I feel inspired, I try to share the source of my joy. Today, it was a short film that highlighted the beauty of the human spirit. I know many people that have been struggling in rough times recently. When I watched this video tonight, it made my heart sing. I love it when people find true joy within themselves. If you haven't already, watch Lemonade, and then pass it on to someone you know who could use a little encouragement."

This video particularly hit home for me, having been laid off from my corporate job in 2002. Losing such a nice big paycheck and generous benefits was definitely scary as I was single at the time and the only source of financial support for myself (not to mention a Fairfield County size mortgage needing to be paid).

I choose to follow my dream and forge a new career path. I am able to continue that path, and navigate the speed bumps by seeking out inspiration to stay positive.

Where can you look for inspiration & joy today?

Beth recommends......

" Whether it be amazing role models and everyday heroes, or pausing a moment to admire a sunset. There is incredible beauty all around us. All we have to do is pay attention."

So take a look around. It's right in front of you.


PS Check out
Beth's site for Aetheria Spa, a wonderful spa in a charming Victorian house in New Canaan. Now there's a place to go for some JOY!