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Thursday, April 19, 2007


The weekend finally arrived...the 2007 Jazzercise Taping in sunny Orlando!
It was a sold out crowd with participants from 42 states and 9 countries.

We met so many wonderful new people, including a new instructor from Alaska!

And we caught up with some old friends like our former customer Judy Henchar who is loving her new life in Florida and sends her CT friends a big hug.

Here is the beautiful view of Disney's Coronado Springs Resort where we stayed.

Arlene gets right down to business.....here she is talking to Jeremy from Mateflex (he's the guy I bought our dance floor from). No doubt they are immersed in a discussion about cleaning products for the floor and spot removal.
Hey, I can't complain.....our Center would not be so sparkling clean without my mom!

Although I do see she has already the Togs bag on her arm....at least I know her priorities are still in order.
Beth is all smiles at the Shopping Expo....probably because she made it out of the stampede at the Togs booth in one piece. It was absolute mayhem!

Jodie, Beth & I take a snack break before the Taping...actually we hadn't even worked out yet at this point, unless you count power shopping as a workout.

Several groups of Juniors performed....it's hard to see them in this shot, but you can get a sense of how BIG this class was. Tim Roberts was back and better than ever.....we had two fabulous classes with him.

The Taping Team taught a high energy rock & roll class called Jazzercise Unplugged....plus a Latin Stretch with Judi and Pilates.
It was so much fun to catch up with my old Associate, Shannon. Her business is thriving in the Chicago area and we had a great time Friday night eating fabulous Italian food at one of the Disney properties (great restaurant choice Shannon) and drinking good wine. Joining us that night were my mom, Beth, Shannon, Angie (associate from Chicago and Juniors guru) , Matty (Chicago Class Owner and all round stud) and Kim (an instructor from the Oceanside Center). Talk about nerve wracking, Kim teaches every Mon/Wed/Fri right after Judi Sheppard Missett's class at the Corporate Center. That would keep a gal on her toes!

I received a text message from Pina late Friday night (she was still at the office cranking out those tax returns) and here my mom & Beth try to figure out how to text back. This is more confusing than the JFAS software! Jodie and I stop to talk with Roxanne Wilson, one of the finalists from last season's Apprentice. She was a real sweetheart and since Jodie and I are fans of the show we pumped her for some inside info.

The men's "Bump & Pump" class was a blast. Matty and Kenny Harvey are my favorites. After the class Matty and I pose in what we hope will be the new photo shoot for the next Togs catalog. First we tried our happy, jazzy pose, then on to our more serious, edgy pose. Think we'll make it into catalog??

Jodie and I stop to say hello to Taping Team member (and mommy-to-be), Young McCarthy. She is also my husband's favorite on the DVD -- so we had to take a photo.

And look, it's mama Jude herself! I had the chance to say hello and tell Judi about our new Center. Last year I had the pleasure of having dinner with her and told her I was going home determined to find a new home for our classes.....which I did. She congratulated me and told me she had a lot of exciting things up her sleeve for the future.
And by the way, my "press agent", Beth was phenomenal....she was all over the place snapping photos.

My mom and I stayed an extra day to enjoy the Florida sun (even though it rained half of Sunday).....we still enjoyed sunny 90 degree weather earlier in the weekend!