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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Take Time to Smell the Flowers

This month marks not only my father's birthday, but the 16th anniversary of his death. I thought it fitting to write a blog post honoring him. My father was, among many things, a prolific writer and published widely throughout the world, although most of his writing was geared toward insurance and risk management (yep, a real yawn!).

"Take Time to Smell the Flowers" is a personal story of his journey through open heart surgery. It is an example of how so many factors affecting our health are within our control, shaped by our daily choices. It is up to US to make the difference.

While he maintained many of these lifestyle changes for several years, he ultimately died on March 20th of a heart attack. He was enjoying life fully on the dance floor at a St. Patrick's Day Dinner Dance - just the way he would want it.

My current path, which I see as not only a career path, but a life journey, is both entrepreneurial and committed toward improving the health and well being of others. In both respects, I believe he is the influence behind those choices.

I hope that this article impacts you in some small way, that perhaps you share it with someone you love, and most of all that you Take Time to Smell the Flowers.............

Love you Dad!

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