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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Summer Staff Outing

It was that time of year again........time for our Summer Staff Outing.
This year our team hit the streets of New York City for an adventure that took us through the South Street Seaport, Chinatown, Little Italy and more!

Armed with a few initial bits of information, we were sent on a mission, aided by clues and mysterious cast members strewn throughout various locations such as street corners, bars, out of the way shops, and seedy alleys.

Pina and I study the map. We look at crazy choreography notes all the time....SURELY we can figure this out!!

Could this be our guy? He had us stumped at first....but sure enough he was our contact at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Yes, that is a large LIVE frog in my bag.

Hey it's New York, anything goes, right? No one even gave us a second look parading around with this little guy.

Tressa and I are determined to decipher our next clue.
How many Jazzercisers does it take to figure out which direction to go?
Maybe they have some secrets under those blue hats??

Fortunately it was a gorgeous day! Good thing we had our comfy shoes on.

We enjoyed a delicious meal afterwards at Angelo's of Mulberry Street followed by amazing deserts (Mindy and I went for the full size chocolate covered cannoli's).

Does it sound like I'm being mysterious? Okay, maybe a bit, but I think it's best if you go check it out for yourself:
Accomplice New York.

You'll be in for a lot of fun and adventure! And if by chance you see an albino midget named Abe holding a lemon -- ask him "How much for a twist, pale little man?"