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Monday, September 28, 2009

Healthly Eating that's Tasty Too!

I am definitely a blog follower. I always pick up some new piece of information or maybe just a bit of inspiration. If you're interested in eating healthy, but still want to indulge in food that tastes good, then be sure to check out Bonnie's blog: Bake This. Eat That. Then Move!

According to Bonnie, her blog is "An adventure in (mostly) healthy baking and cooking, with an emphasis on wheat-free and low/no sugar and a side of moving to keep strong and fit".

Wheat Free Strawberry Muffins

A fellow Jazzercise instructor, here's what Bonnie has to say:

"I was addicted to wheat and sugar. Determined to stop the madness (thanks to a family history of heart disease, higher-than-it-should-be Cholesterol and the "baddest risk factor of all" high Lp(a) cholesterol) I kicked the habit (though it wasn't pretty). I now bake/cook with an emphasis on wheat-free and low/no sugar (although not entirely), not because I "can't" tolerate wheat or sugar, but because I think it is a healthier way to eat. Particularly if you have heart disease, or a family history of heart disease."

Like Bonnie, I come from a family history of heart disease, and love to focus on healthy cooking. However unlike Bonnie, I am a die hard recipe follower. I've collected thousands of recipes and love trying new ones all the time, but haven't reached the confidence level to create my own. With blogs like Bonnie's, I've got easy recipes at my fingertips.

Check out Bonnie's blog and make something tasty (and healthy) today!!

Bon appetite!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Never Too Late to Dance

I had the pleasure of hosting Rosann Levy at our Anniversary Celebration recently. We celebrated three years at our studio on Hope Street, and for me a milestone of a dream realized.

Accompanied by her husband Arty, Rosann gave a delightful and inspirational reading from her new book, "It's Never Too Late to Dance."
Check her website for details.

As an avid reader, I dove right into the book the next day. Here are some of my favorite messages from Rosann and her book...

1. You never know what kind of curve ball life is going to throw you, so be ready to adapt. Flexibility is key to your health and survival.

2. Support is essential. Whether it be from family, friends or colleagues, it is the people who we surround ourselves with us who keep us going in rough times.

3. Life is more interesting and more fun when you continuously reinvent yourself.

4. You can make any change into a positive experience.

5. Confidence is yours for the taking. Explore things to develop your confidence.

6. Bold actions = bold results.

7. It's ok to be vulnerable.

8. Belief in yourself is a great gift.

9. Get excited about life.

10. It's Never Too Late to Dance.

If you're looking for an easy inspiration read, or a lively entertaining speaker, I highly recommend you get in touch with Rosann.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Vacation Moments.............

Burying my nephew Landon's feet in the sand and watching him play in the water

Sitting on the wall watching waves crashing in Naragansett

Watching my husband Rich read to Landon and listening to Landon call him "Reeech" over and over again.

Eating lobster with melted butter

Reading and more reading

Sipping frozen pomegranite margarita while looking out at an amazing view of NYC

Spending lots of time with family & friends

Trading in my usual workouts for loads of walking

Enjoying Parade Day at the Page's