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Monday, April 30, 2012

Doing the one thing I'd been avoiding

Tomorrow marks three months since I had some major surgery.

They say once you hit three months you should finally be getting back to "normal." Whatever that means. Actually I've been back to "normal" for quite awhile and the hospital stay is a distant memory. Other than seeing the scars each day, I've all but forgotten it. It's all good.

I put off the decision to have the surgery for years. Several in fact. Why? There were many reasons. Because it wasn't 'life and death', I didn't want to take the time, I was afraid, the timing wasn't right.

But as I expected, it was life changing in many ways, and I've tried to avoid the 'why didn't I do this sooner' regret. Many people assured me I'd be saying that. Would hate to prove them all right!

What is the one thing you've been avoiding?

Maybe it's changing a bad habit, eliminating a toxic person from your life, or moving out of a dead end job.

Take a deep breath and do it.

There may be a few lingering scars, but in the end it will be worth it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dishing up some tough love over lunch

Have you ever wanted something, really wanted something, and found yourself saying 'I just don't have the time' or 'I just don't have the money right now' (insert heavy sigh here).

Hey, we've all been there.

I get it. For over a year now (ok probably longer), I've needed to take the time, invest the money, and work on my business. Oh, I'm very busy working IN my business, I just couldn't justify taking time AWAY from my business to learn and do things to make it MORE successful. Things that could simplify my life, make me more money, create more time for me. Goofy right? I know how I can benefit, yet, I still don't take action.

Sound familiar? "I don't own a business" you say.

Ok, how about your health?

"I don't have the time, the money, the 'fill in the blank' to exercise, to prepare healthy food. "I will start when the kids get out of school, when the kids go back to school, when soccer's over, when work slows down, when work picks up and I have more money, when I'm not so stressed and tired, when the weather gets warmer.....". And so it goes.

You know what that's called?


This week I'm attending a three day business Client Attraction workshop. It's intense and it's tiring. I'm on the road at 7 am to get there in time, and rolling in the driveway at 10 pm with homework to complete by the morning and a growing pile of clothes that in the bedroom that have not found their way to hangers.

I may work out every day, but I KNOW about self-sabotage in other areas of my life. In fact, the cool, super intelligent, women I shared lunch with at the conference yesterday called me out on it. Admittedly it was a bit brutal (in a loving way), but EXACTLY what I needed to break out of the cycle.

So how about you?

Are you ready to end this crazy cycle of self-sabotage?

Trust me it will be EXACTLY what you need.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekend wish list

Do your weekends pass at the speed of light? 

Do you find yourself on Sunday night feeling that there wasn't nearly enough time to get everything you wanted done, and you never did get around to relaxing

As we head to the magical Friday 5 pm moment when the whistle blows...(anyone getting an image of Fred Flinstone at the Slate and Gravel Co?) have you thought about what's ahead this weekend?

Is there time for rest, for play, for family? All those things we claim to be top priority but often get

Here are a few things on my wish list for this weekend:

Enjoy a family girls' night of dinner and the local production of Sound of Music
Teach one Jazzercise class and one yoga class
Have breakfast with associate and friend Terri
Take a bubble bath!
Cook at least one healthy and delicious dish for next week
Spend an evening of fun with the Hargraves in Guildford
Attend a business cocktail party
Do three loads of laundry, at least!
Finish reading my current library book (can multitask on this one in the tub)
Hang out with hubby - maybe watch Mad Men Sunday night :)

That still leaves some wide open time too, which is also important.

 Looking ahead to the weekend but keeping my eye on my priorities.  

Yabba dabba do!

Monday, April 16, 2012

It's that simple.

This is too good not to share.  And I don't think she'll mind me sharing.   Today while emailing with my two BFFs (something that I LOVE, need, and look forward to), my friend Melissa shared something she did last night.  
Bought groceries for a homeless man behind me in line at the grocery store last night.  The store clerk, bagger and policeman all shook their head in amazement.  Clerk said to me "Ma'am, I wish more people were like that", to which I responded "if they were, what a wonderful world it would be."
Paying it forward,
I was struck by the simplicity of it.  She probably won't tell others about it.  She's just that way. Though she's one of the smartest,  most articulate women I know, she inspires through her actions even more than her words.
It's just that simple.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's your intention?

In Reiki, it's all about intention.

It's really the first thing they cover in Reiki training.

When I first began studying Reiki, I wasn't sure that I really GOT it.  I would

Intention is slowly becoming more inherent in my thoughts and actions ever day.   I admit, it's something that I need to work on.  It isn't always natural.   In fact, it's often after I finish a conversation or task or make a decision that I think back and say to myself....well my intention really was to______.    I realize that AFTER is not the time for intention. 

My Reiki mentor shared this thought in an email I saved.

An intention is born of human thought. It is set in motion by the request of a particular outcome. Through the process of understanding intentions, it is understood in the consciousness of the moment, but there is more shift in view. The intention develops more wisdom as we evolve. As we understand evolution, we understand that an intention may have another purpose and the outcome fulfills the purpose of that "higher goodness." If the intention is "clutched" to the mind and heart, it cannot manifest. Letting go to allow its process is the technique of the unbounded. To understand this process is to understand the laws of nature.  (Jeanette S.)

I've tried to be more clear about intentions lately.  I've written them down, I've even taken to talking to myself in the car.  Not just the usually party that goes on in my head when I'm driving, actually talking to myself out loud, setting specific intentions.  I'll even go as far to confess that sometimes I sing them. Yup.  I make up the tune as I go along.  A little TMI??

To be honest, I'm a little surprised at the results.  Surprised in a good way.
Now that I'm making it a habit, I look forward to the wisdom and goodness it can bring.
What is YOUR intention today?  Go ahead set one....

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Surround yourself!

 One of the easiest and nicest gifts you can give to yourself is surrounding yourself with loving and kind people whenever possible.

How true!
I saw this sentence today and realized just how vital this is to our well being. 
I also took a moment to recognize what a blessing it is.  Looking back on the last week I thought of the many people I crossed paths with from the crew I volunteer with at the Soup Kitchen,  to the customers in our Book Club, to  the wonderful dinner with friends/associates Pina & Elena,  to the date night with my hubby,  to the cool guests that have come on my radio show over, to the chat with my mom,  to the ongoing email chat with BFFs Melissa and Liz,  and finally the beautiful time  with Liz today at lunch. 

I am most definitely surrounded!

 I have no doubt that we absorb the energy of the people around us.

Surround yourself!!   And choose wisely.