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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Superbowl Extravaganza!

Tressa hosted a fun filled SUPERBOWL EXTRAVAGANZA on Sunday, Feb. 4th.
Every routine was either a past Superbowl Halftime Performer, or and artist who has sung the National Anthem at the Superbowl.

There was fun and games....and as you can see --- prizes too!

Looks like the pom poms made their way around the room.

Looks like the players AND the cheerleaders are ready to rumble!

Although I didn't participate in the Superbowl workout, I did celebrate with friends at Wayne's Annual Superbowl Bash. Here' s one of my best buddies, Jura, with her daughters Mary Catherine and Zeyna enjoying the game.

As always, Wayne served up a great pasta dinner at half time. Her's Barbra, Erin & I watching the game and enjoying the fire.

(Watch for a comeback from the Steelers next year!)

By Invitation............

We kicked off the year with a cool event we called, Invitation Only....with Jazzercise & Cocktails (the cocktails came AFTER the workout). This was an idea from Peg (receiving flowers above for her hard work).

We team taught this class (Tressa, Eleanor, Jodie, Pina, Peg & myself) and invited all those friends who SAY they're going to come to one of our classes SOMEDAY.

The class was high energy and there were a lot of laughs as a roomful of "first timers" mastered the steps.

Following the class we headed over to Beth's, who graciously offered her home for the after party.

Guess there were no pictures taken there, because we were busy enjoying the fabulous food and drinks. Peg can make some mean frozen drinks!! I think I'm going to have her cater my next party.

Even Beth's husband, Larry, got into the act and was a charming host & waiter. It was a fun night and I am met lots of great new women (whom we hope to see back on the dance floor soon!).

Thanks to the instructors who helped make it happen, Beth for offering her home, and especially Peg for putting it all together.