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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yo-yo Exercising

We've all heard about yo-yo dieting. Have you broken up with more diets then men? It happens with exercise too. You get tired of the DVD you're working out with, get bored with the gym, or can't get out for a run because of the rain.

Well yo-yo exercising can actually be as bad for you as yo-yo dieting. The resulting weight gain will be even harder to shake.

Recent research shows that people who are inconsistent with exercise gained more weight than people who just get started.

It you think you're too busy for exercise, then aim for even just a 15 minute workout. It's not always about quantity.

I read about this concept in Health magazine. I imagine in the time it took to read a few articles I could have done a few crunches and lunges. Guess it's time to get moving!


Source : Health magazine.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Surround Yourself With Good Energy"

I just read this article by Ali Brown and since it's a message I truly believe in and write about often, I thought I'd simply share her thoughts since she expresses it so well. During these uncertain times, surrounding yourself with positive people is essential.

Today I had two great chats with phenomenal women I work with - Tressa & Peggy. They have the energy and spirit I want more of in my life and I'm blessed to work with such cool gals. This weekend several friends will be coming over for dinner followed by an outing to see Harry Potter. I know for sure there will be lots of laughs. This group is talented, hilarious and likes to have a good time -- I can't think of a better way to keep the mood high.

Who will you surround yourself with this week to stay positive?

Remember you can 'catch a mood' so choose wisely. Whose mood do you want to catch today!



"Surround Yourself With Good Energy" by Ali Brown

Have you ever felt down after chatting with a friend or coworker? You may have felt fine before the conversation, but now, after hearing them complain about the weather, the economy, and a demanding neighbor or mother-in-law, you're starting to feel kind of cranky yourself, as if their negativity were somehow contagious.

Actually, you can catch a negative (or positive) attitude from the people around you. According to the well-known psychiatrist and energy guru Dr. Judith Orloff, who wrote the bestseller Positive Energy, our bodies are made of flesh and blood, but they're also composed of energy fields. Negative energy like fear, anger, and hopelessness drags us down and drain our energy, but positive energy, like compassion, courage, and forgiveness, improves our mood and our well-being.

The law of attraction states that people either sense our positive energy and gravitate towards us, or they feel our negative energy and shy away from us. Those around us influence how we feel and can even impact the direction our lives take. Positive people can improve your life, while negative people (also called "energy vampires") just drag you down.

* "Energy vampires" suck the life out of you. Spending time with people who constantly complain or make negative remarks only makes us feel listless and despondent. These "energy vampires" tell us we'll never get our business off the ground or that our dreams are unrealistic (possibly because they can't bear to see others succeed where they have failed). Spend too much time with a complainer and you'll start to believe what they tell you.

* Positive people energize you.
The more time you spend surrounded by positive people, the more you'll internalize their cheerful, upbeat attitude and start spreading it around. Positive people make your goals seem attainable and give you a boost of energy when you need it. They don't dwell on small setbacks or waste time complaining about things that are within their power to change. With an open heart, an open mind, and a willingness to try new things, they can handle virtually anything.

While we sometimes have to deal with negative coworkers or relatives, it's up to us to choose the other people in our lives. Ask yourself how you feel after spending time with someone. Do you feel energized and inspired? Or does lunch with a certain "friend" leave you feeling restless and unfulfilled?

If the latter, then it's time to develop friendships with people who support your goals and spread positive energy. These people will provide wisdom in times of trouble and inspire you to reach greater heights in moments on self-doubt. Seek our people and organizations that promote action and service to the community, because there is nothing more uplifting than helping others.

As you spend more time with positive people and distance yourself from negative ones, you'll feel your spirits lift and your goals coming into focus. You, in turn, will become a more positive person - someone others want to spend their time with.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

How I'm Incorporating the Ten Things You Can Do Today

1. I couldn't agree more on this one and try to do it weekly! Usually after work on Saturdays....bubbles...a stack of magazines and pure bliss.

2. :( so sad...I don't have a pet - can I cuddle one of yours?

3. Ooh, this is one I'm looking forward to. Already planning a Harry Potter opening night outing with Mindy.

4. Easy, I definitely got this one covered and am meeting my pals Cindy & Cheryl for lunch tomorrow. It's so great to have friends who pick up right where you left off without missing a beat. Our last luncheon at the holidays turned into a four hour fest of laughter, great conversation and plenty of wine.

5. As an avid reader I am always looking for a good book recommendation. Today just finished The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. . Highly recommend it for a good summer read -- Thanks to Beth for the suggestion.

6. Always! I love to put the Show Tunes channel on Cablevision and can often be found cooking & dancing.

7. Need I say more? This summer when the weather is nice I skip my usual Friday morning yoga class and opt for some outdoor activity instead - like rollerblading, biking or hitting the golf course.

8. Lately for me it's been cooking. I have been experimenting lately with vegan baking and other tasty healthy treats.

9. My favorite is from Wayne Dyer. "What I desire is on it's way. And it's coming to me in greater amounts than I could imagine. This is the vision I hold for myself in a state of love & gratitude. No matter what."

10. Always!

Now it's your....I invite you to add a post sharing your plans & successes.