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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Blue Moon and my Ferris Bueller Day

I decided to declare Friday 'Kristen Self-Care Day," sort of like Ferris Bueller, but without as much craziness.

When Rich and Megan scheduled an overnight father/daughter outing, it seemed like it was the perfect time to spend a day alone, focused on what I needed. It's so easy for me to slide into burnout without even realizing it until I crash.

Rich even left me a note that morning which said Happy Kristen Day.

Admittedly, it was a bit of a challenge to make myself the priority. I kept straying towards chores and business tasks.  

I started the day at the beach with my coffee, meditating, journaling and enjoying the view.

Then I headed to a wonderful  yoga class followed by lunch at The Stand. This photo taken by one of my fellow yogi pals who ended up joining me for a tasty vegan lunch and a wonderful chat with the owner.

After a fabulous massage at Aetheria Spa (loved their new renovations!)  I broke out the paint and markers and did some art playing as well as list making for the rest of the year - things I want to do like workshops I want to take, entertaining I'd like to do, friends I'd like to get together with..JUST personal life stuff.

It was VERY hard not to fall into business lists. 

In the evening I attended a fabulous Drum Circle and bonfire with my friend Michelle at wonderful home of Jessica and Jim. It was an exceptional group of people and a beautiful and moving way to celebrate the Blue Moon. Many say the Blue Moon is very auspicious, so it was an appropriate day I suppose to take time to renew and recharge.

I understand then next Blue Moon is in 2015, so I've decided I'm not going to wait until the next one for another Kristen Day. 

Much too more important to do once in a blue moon......

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