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Friday, September 21, 2012

Nobody has enough money to buy time

After my grandmother (Dolly to most who knew her) passed away I found this post it note among her things. It was actually one of hundreds of post its, she was a bit of a hoarder when it came to small scraps of paper, always capturing random thoughts which ranged from "send Krissy Rachel Ray's spaghetti carbonara recipe" (yes, I'm the Krissy in question), to "gold chain purchased in Rome 1985."

From the looks of it, she heard the line listening to one of her financial talk radio programs. My grandmother could hang with the best of Wall Street's day traders. As a child, I recall that this 'skill' was directed more towards 'playing the numbers.' Like many Italian grandmothers you could find Dolly in the kitchen on Saturday stirring a big pot of sauce, (or gravy for the true Italianos) the scene made slightly askew with the pile of Dream Books (used to decipher your dreams into numerical bets) on the kitchen table and her bookie arriving at the side door.

She eventually transferred that passion into the stock market and until she died continued to rue the day she sold her Dell stock.

But back to the quote. The note was written several years before learning she had cancer, however the impact of its' message is just as strong.

No one has enough money to buy time.

It is a fact of being human, and we get to choose what we do with that reality.

For me faith, family, and fitness are paramount.

I consider my family to extend beyond my biological family and fitness isn't just my daily workout, but fitness of my mind, body and spirit encompassing many aspects of my life.

We can't buy more time. We must make the most of what we have each day.

I keep the post it to remind me.

Dolly would have been 89 yesterday.

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