A Matter of Balance: A Woman's Quest for Health, Harmony & Kick-ass Heels

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lessons among the trees

Just over a month ago, my pal Pina & I decided to adventure into the world of zip lining and outdoor adventure sports. 

We headed to Empower Leadership Sports & Adventure Center http://leadershipsports.com

Here we spent the afternoon traversing suspension bridges 40 feet in the air, climbing cargo nets up into the tree tops and zipping from tree to tree.

 As the name suggests, it was truly an empowering experience..

I definitely learned a few things whilst up in the trees during my zip lining adventure:

1) It's good to be spontaneous.  Pina & I did this on somewhat of a whim.  There wasn't too much advance planning, we saw the ad, acted and went.  Glad I didn't have too much time to think about it!

2) It's healthy to take positive risks.  All too often we get stuck in our comfort zone and it's important to take that leap (in this case literally) to get out of that trap.

3) It's important to challenge yourself physically. I learned that even despite my injuries and health issues over the past year, I am probably in better shape at age 44 than ever. 

 4) As the folks at Nike say....Just Do It. If I thought too much (or looked down too often), I wouldn't have gotten very far. 

Can you find me in the trees?

 5) Sometimes fears is more about what's in your head. If you had asked me beforehand, I probably would have said I'm afraid of heights.  But to be honest, I don't even really know if that's true.  It's just what's in my head.  We've all heard it before - fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Face your fear and you may find it's easier than you thought.

6) I have more strength and confidence than I think.   There are plenty of days when I doubt it, but our adventure showed me I am capable of even more than I thought. 

We did it!

Friday, October 15, 2010

What matters more – being kind or being right?

In terms of communicating and negotiating with a spouse or partner, kind will almost always serve you well. If my husband and I disagree, which thankfully doesn't happen too often, it's a case of "pick your battles."   Kindess usually wins.

However, as a step-mother of a 16 years old, choosing right is often necessary, for everyone's sake.

But what about in business?

This is the question Lorin Beller Blake of Big Fish Nation posed in her blog this week.

"I believe the most powerful person in the room is the one who can see all perspectives as possibilities rather than threats – the person who acts first to be kind rather than to be right.  Which person are you?? "

Yesterday I had lunch with one of my oldest and dearest friends.  She is also a successful entrepreneur (twice).  We were discussing this topic and she pointed out that our job in business is really to make the customer right.  Being kind is how you accept and honor another opinion.  And ultimately isn't that the kindest thing we can do for our customer and our business.  Besides, it is more fun to be kind. It is more fun to make other people feel validated rather than inferior. 

Let's be in the business of making the customer right. Who doesn't want that validation?  In fact, it just might bring you repeat business (or even better - referrals).  Then no only have I been kind, but I'm also happy.

And THAT feels RIGHT!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Why thank you.....

These flowers were a thank you from the beautiful Susanah 
Over the past several weeks I have received some special compliments.  Maybe the planets are aligning in my favor or maybe I've decided to pay closer attention, to actually listen to them, appreciate them, savor them.

Usually if I have ten  positive things and one negative event or comment during the course of my day I go to bed dwelling on the one negative.

Anyone else do that?

So I'm making a conscious effort to change that.  And is that ever a work in progress!!

Reflecting back on these compliments brings a real smile to my face.  I'm not talking about run of the mill compliments on our outfit or shoes (although those are appreciated), but the things that really touch upon what's important to me.  Like how I am supportive as a friend (that was a very special conversation) and  how I have impacted lives through my business.  I am grateful to have recently received three beautiful cards from instructors I work with and several emails or conversations with customers which all touched my heart.  I even heard from two people recently how I have inspired someone through this blog (believe it or not) and one of those people I don't even know.  

I invited you to really listen to what is said to you today and hold on more tightly to the good stuff and loosen your grip on the rest.  And while you're at it, throw as many positive compliments out into the universe as possible.

Only good can come of it!