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Monday, August 27, 2012

Tuning into synchronicity & what shocked the heck out of me yesterday

Did you ever notice how connected things in our lives can be?

I think the phrase "everything happens in our lives for a reason" is getting a bit overplayed. However, I do see examples of interconnected experiences in my life, WHEN I let myself be open to it. Sometimes the reason is not clear right away and other times it hits me over the head.

I came home Thursday night having had a challenging week thus far, and my husband suggested I call of friend of mine to get together the following day. She's always up for something fun, he reminded me, and her positive attitude may be just what you need to finish up the week.

Sure, I said. But didn't do anything about it.

The following morning I ran in to her, and another friend, getting ready to have breakfast. They invited me to join them and it was the perfect serendipitous encounter and exactly the mood booster I needed.

Two days later I was thinking ALOT about an old friend whom I had spoken to in years (a long and complicated story). I'm not sure what brought that on, but I began to wonder if I should find a way to get in touch.

A few hours later my phone rang with an unfamiliar number on the display. I was floored to answer to find that very friend on the other end of the line which began an hour long conversation to catch up.

Intuition? Serendipity? Synchronicity? I'm not sure.

Sometimes events seem to be random occurrences, coincidence.

But upon a closer look, synchronous happenings can reveal to us that there is a greater connectedness at play and the universe gives us exactly what we need when we open ourselves to receive.

This requires that we begin to pay attention, listen and trust.

Who knows what will happen next? Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket today!


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