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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's your intention?

In Reiki, it's all about intention.

It's really the first thing they cover in Reiki training.

When I first began studying Reiki, I wasn't sure that I really GOT it.  I would

Intention is slowly becoming more inherent in my thoughts and actions ever day.   I admit, it's something that I need to work on.  It isn't always natural.   In fact, it's often after I finish a conversation or task or make a decision that I think back and say to myself....well my intention really was to______.    I realize that AFTER is not the time for intention. 

My Reiki mentor shared this thought in an email I saved.

An intention is born of human thought. It is set in motion by the request of a particular outcome. Through the process of understanding intentions, it is understood in the consciousness of the moment, but there is more shift in view. The intention develops more wisdom as we evolve. As we understand evolution, we understand that an intention may have another purpose and the outcome fulfills the purpose of that "higher goodness." If the intention is "clutched" to the mind and heart, it cannot manifest. Letting go to allow its process is the technique of the unbounded. To understand this process is to understand the laws of nature.  (Jeanette S.)

I've tried to be more clear about intentions lately.  I've written them down, I've even taken to talking to myself in the car.  Not just the usually party that goes on in my head when I'm driving, actually talking to myself out loud, setting specific intentions.  I'll even go as far to confess that sometimes I sing them. Yup.  I make up the tune as I go along.  A little TMI??

To be honest, I'm a little surprised at the results.  Surprised in a good way.
Now that I'm making it a habit, I look forward to the wisdom and goodness it can bring.
What is YOUR intention today?  Go ahead set one....

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