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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dishing up some tough love over lunch

Have you ever wanted something, really wanted something, and found yourself saying 'I just don't have the time' or 'I just don't have the money right now' (insert heavy sigh here).

Hey, we've all been there.

I get it. For over a year now (ok probably longer), I've needed to take the time, invest the money, and work on my business. Oh, I'm very busy working IN my business, I just couldn't justify taking time AWAY from my business to learn and do things to make it MORE successful. Things that could simplify my life, make me more money, create more time for me. Goofy right? I know how I can benefit, yet, I still don't take action.

Sound familiar? "I don't own a business" you say.

Ok, how about your health?

"I don't have the time, the money, the 'fill in the blank' to exercise, to prepare healthy food. "I will start when the kids get out of school, when the kids go back to school, when soccer's over, when work slows down, when work picks up and I have more money, when I'm not so stressed and tired, when the weather gets warmer.....". And so it goes.

You know what that's called?


This week I'm attending a three day business Client Attraction workshop. It's intense and it's tiring. I'm on the road at 7 am to get there in time, and rolling in the driveway at 10 pm with homework to complete by the morning and a growing pile of clothes that in the bedroom that have not found their way to hangers.

I may work out every day, but I KNOW about self-sabotage in other areas of my life. In fact, the cool, super intelligent, women I shared lunch with at the conference yesterday called me out on it. Admittedly it was a bit brutal (in a loving way), but EXACTLY what I needed to break out of the cycle.

So how about you?

Are you ready to end this crazy cycle of self-sabotage?

Trust me it will be EXACTLY what you need.

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