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Monday, October 01, 2012

Just ask.

Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

This lesson was reinforced to me again last week. I was busy researching, confirming, and booking guests for my radio show and was working on a particular topic I thought could be valuable for people - preparing for and recovering from surgery. It was a very important topic for me this year, and I thought others might benefit from some sound information on the subject.

A potential guest popped into my head, Peggy Huddleston, a renowned expert in the field . I knew about her work, had read her book, and had listened to her meditation CDs to prepare for my own surgery. Then the negative tapes began playing in my head... nah, I'm sure she's too busy to consider my show...who am I kidding, what do I think I'm Katie Couric now?

Since I'm trying to work on the energy I'm putting out into the universe, I stopped those negative tapes, and on a whim decided to google her, found a general informational email for her office and fired off an email.

Within five minutes my cell phone rang. Lo and behold it was Ms. Huddleston herself. We had a wonderful chat. I told her how much her work had helped me. She was more than happy to participate in the show, and then preceded to suggest other experts that she could get to call in as well.

What the heck? Even better than I expected!

Change the tape and then just ask.

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