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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Making the best of it and picking up lessons along the way

Took this in San Diego in 2010...sidewalk inspirational art

There sure is a lot of time to think when you're at home recovering.  People have asked if I've been watching a lot of T.V., but in fact I've watched very little.  I don't want to become too attached to Honey Boo Boo or something I can't sustain once I return to "normal" activities. 

I have however decided that by the time this recovery period comes to an end, I'm going to be very organized, at least with those things that I can do seated - like going through my countless computer documents, saved emails and web bookmarks.  Thank heavens for the iPad so that I can do much of this on the couch and don't even have to venture to my office chair.   I sure save a lot of information, useless and otherwise.  I came across this in my computer.  No idea where it came from or who to attribute it to, so my apologizes to the author.  But it speaks volumes....many lessons to ponder, especially my current lesson,  "practice the art of doing nothing."

Life is sacred.
Live on purpose
be intoxicated with this world and
astonished with the world you imagine
growth is a journey...
success doesn't require arrival
want what you already hold
give no place to public opinion
delight in your friends
practice the art of doing nothing
embrace moments of grace
give the child in you a wide sky
that laughter
is prayer

There is not point in waiting until we are perfect in what we do in life before opening ourselves to what we are capable of doing now.

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