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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Standing together

I wanted to share this beautiful letter from our lovely customer, Susanah. I share it not only because I hope that those who are local will consider joining us on Saturday, but also as a testimonial to courage, strength and the power of community. 

As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and on Saturday, October 2nd from 10:30 - Noon scores of Breast Cancer Survivors alongside their friends and families will stand in solidarity for those who have struggled with this disease that affects 1 in 8 women in America.  Mayor Michael Pavia and WABC-TV news commentator Bill Evans will be there as well.

Last year, we fell just a wee bit short in completing the Mile.  I am hoping to make "The Mile" (if not more) in 2010.

The event is taking place (right after Saturday's class) at Veterans Park, Atlantic Street, Stamford.

In addition to being an organizing member on the Paint The Town Pink Committee with the Bennett Cancer Center of Stamford Hospital, I am also a survivor and Jazzerciser.  My battle with cancer took place just a year ago and I am keenly aware of the many benefits I've reaped from attending Jazzercise:  The gradual strength that came back over time (my ability to graduate to a 7-lb. weight when the baby 1 lb. pink weights proved difficult last year) and the joy and solidarity that I've always felt being surrounded by "Real Women".  You have all touched me in ways large and small. 

Kristen, you know that we have our share of Breast Cancer Survivors in our Jazzercise classes.  Too many.

I want to dedicate this year's Mile Of Pink to one of "Our" members:  May Marie.

If anyone is unable to attend the Mile of Pink Event on Saturday due to prior commitments, I urge them to purchase a T-Shirt in the effort to help eradicate this disease from our community.  Wear the T-Shirt around Town during October.

Stand in the Mile Of Pink for Jazzercise.

Stand in the Mile of Pink for May Marie.



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