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Thursday, November 22, 2012

What's on my list this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Eve hanging with my buddy

Today is a day for giving thanks.  Though I believe every day should be a day of thanks.   In the US we gather for stuffing and cranberry sauce and football.  (Although the Steelers aren't playing today, I'll be most grateful if they get rid of those god-awful uniforms!) 

It's one of my favorite holidays since it's all about family and food.

In my newsletter this week I issued a challenge.  Make a list of 100 things you are grateful for (no doubt there's more, but write down 100).  Then take a deep long breath.  I made my list yesterday. 

Today also marks the beginning of week eight of my recovery from some unexpected and extremely intense surgery.  I have tried to practice gratitude through the process and have also had a few mega meltdowns along the way.

I am, however, especially grateful for two of the many gifts that have come from this experience.

Surrender and support.

It has been a challenge to practice surrender during this process. But I find when there's a lesson to be learned, life has a funny way of making sure we learn it.  

Also over the past weeks, the gift of support from family, friends, associates, customers, acquaintances and even strangers has been overwhelming and humbling. 

So on this day of thanks, on my 100 list (which just scratches the surface), I give thanks for the gifts of surrender and support.


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