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Monday, August 13, 2012

Dance is univeral. Dance is Joy.

I've been dancing as long as I've been walking.

My long time friend Beth & I before a dance recital

I performed the entire score of A Chorus Line (among many other musicals) nightly in my bedroom throughout my high school years.

So it's no surprise that my choice for fitness is Jazzercise, a dance based fitness program, or that I've been teaching it for twenty-two years.

Last week, I had the pleasure of teaching dance (with a mix of Jazzericse) in Yamaronsa, a village in Ghana Africa with the Yale Alumni Service Corp.  My class even had the opportunity to dance for the King on our final day celebration.   Last year I participated with the same group in rural China.  While a markedly different experience, dance was once again a unifying force, transcending our different languages. 

Dancing gives me joy.  I've watched it do the same for people of all ages, backgrounds, all shapes and sizes.

The children I danced with last week have little by our standards. Things we take for granted like electricity, hot water (or any water somtimes), shoes...are not daily staples in their lives.

Yet put on the music and they LOVE to dance.  They get lost in the music. They are rich in enthusiasm and they are content. While I initially found that same contentment difficult to access without a hot shower and a place to charge my iPhone.

These children are full of joy and smiles, unaware of what they lack, but fully present in what they have.

The clip above captures some of my beautiful students demonstrating their own moves (I'm partial to the adorable creature in pink sequins, she was always a standout!)

And upon my return I received the clip below from my friend and customer Sandra.  It makes me smile every time I watch it.

Dance is universal.

Dance is joy.


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