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Thursday, October 13, 2011

En garde!

Our latest adventure brought Pina and I to the Farifield Fencing Academy and this time her daughter, Danielle joined us for the fun.  The event was sponsored by My Time for Me, one of my favorite organizations and our surfing excursion with MTFM was part of the original inspiration for the K & P adventures. 

John gives me some helpful tips

Here are my do's & don'ts I picked up on the fencing strip:

Don't apologize for going for it -  While there were a couple of more aggressive gals int he group, effortlessly racking up points on the electronic scoreboard, others were quick to serve up an apology with each thrust.  My guess is that among a group of men in a similar setting, the phrase "I'm sorry, are you okay?" would be heard as often as "Does this outfit make my butt look big?"  or "I think I'm having a hot flash under this mask."     

As women we are often afraid to go full out, afraid we'll be called  some choice four (or five) letter word!  Go for it and don't apologize. 

Don't be afraid to suck - Let's face it, I sucked at fencing. It didn't help that I am battling an elbow injury (let's not let my physical therapist get wind of the fencing outing).  Consequently I was in a lot of pain early on, BUT I'm not using that as an excuse.  I'm pretty sure I would have sucked no matter what.  I'm still glad I went

Do learn some new vocabulary - I'm now mildly versed in such terms as the epee, parry, foil,  and sabre.  I can only imagine the type of cocktail party where I'll be able to weave in such banter, but it never hurts to expand your mind right?

Do serve wine & cheese afterwards - It makes everything, especially some adventurous girl time, a little better, doesn't it?

A job well done ladies!

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