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Sunday, March 27, 2011

What mattered this weekend....

Laughter & smiles from the brunch bunch

I often check in to make sure my time is spent on my priorities. Since I have some free time right now, I'm writing out my lists for the coming week and reflecting on the weekend, determining what still needs to be done and if my time has reflected my priorities.

Here are some of the things that mattered this weekend:

Faith -because of today's crazy schedule I went to mass at a Stamford church.  So nice to try something different for a change of pace.

Marriage - MUST make time for date night every week. Last night we had dinner at one of our all time favorite spots then came home to curl up for a "Modern Family" marathon which we've collected on the DVR.

Friends - had a girl's night with a good friend on Friday and enjoyed homemade pizza, wine and watched Burlesque (love that Christina & Cher!) and today met some very special women for brunch. It was a laughter filled, yet inspirational time.

Fitness - kicked off my morning with yoga (awesome!) and am waiting for this afternoon's Belly Dancing workshop to begin. 

Health spent a couple of hours yesterday trying some new vegetarian recipes to keep us going for the first part of the week.

Business taught an energetic Jazzercise class, hosted a Casting Call and met with some potential new trainees, plus had a great practice session with our current trainee.

So after a bit of Belly Dancing, it will be time to call my grandfather to check in, get some more laundry going,  and enjoy dinner with my husband.   Then I'll probably chill out and watch Celebrity Apprentice to see what Star Jones has up her sleeve this week.  Now, if I ever start to spend more time on reality t.v. then reality, THAT will be a problem.  But it looks to me that time this weekend was well spent on what matters. 

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