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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All you need is love....

That's what the Beatles proclaimed at least.

During my many years of being single (I was a late bloomer on the marriage front) I did not necessarily always embrace this day.  
But as I was just saying to a friend......

Today is about LOVE.  Pure and simple.

Love for your kids, love for your cool & highly intelligent girlfriends, love for your pets...

Love for all, not just husbands, wives and significant others...


(And speaking of love, I LOVE that book!)


1. Acceptance, know that you are in the perfect place for you today
2. Recognize that you are constantly evolving and growing to become a more powerful and more loving being.
3. Take a walk in nature, drinking in the beauty.
4. Forgive yourself all mistakes, mistakes are always part of growing
5. Keep your mind sharp, do a word puzzle or read a book
6. Pet a dog or cat
7. Do some yoga
8. Find joy in the moment
9. Blow bubbles
10. Say positive affirmations daily
11. Remember to dream.
12. Make yourself a special snack
13. Let your creativity flow, make something special for yourself.
14. Take a nap
15. Go to the gym
16. Give up a bad habit
17. Look thru a photo album
18. Play music and dance like no one is watching
19. Sing along with the radio
20. Wear you pajamas all day
21. Write a love letter to yourself
22. Get all dressed up just for yourself
23. Sit by a fire
24. Take some pictures of yourself, remember you are beautiful
25. Take time to talk to your best friend
26. Take up a new hobby
27. Use stairs instead of the elevator
28. Look in the mirror and smile
29. Find your home within yourself.

Self love and a person’s sense of self worth are tied closely together. Self love begins with knowing your value as a human being.

Happy Valentine's Day to YOU!
Show yourself some LOVE!

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