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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making progress and making bread.....

Last week I was overwhelmed with a capital 'O'.  I won't go into the gory details but they involved a bunch of other unappealing 'o' words like...overextended, overtired, over scheduled. 

I met with my Mastermind pals on Friday and as usual, they set me straight.  "DON'T take on another thing!" they told me.    Another friend echoed the same message, "MAKE some time for yourself and don't forget to USE your friends as a safety net when you need to.  Look at your priorities, and MAKE time for what's important!"

The next day I was asked to volunteer for something.  It was something I'm sure I'd really enjoy doing and most definitely a worthwhile activity.   I could hear the voice of my Mastermind gals in my mind and I graciously declined. Progress!

Also throughout the week, each day seemed to bring some upsetting or sad news from friends and family.  I was buzzing buying sympathy cards, get well cards, and assisting people with a variety of tasks that seemed to need immediate attention. Then I learned my next door neighbor passed away.  I don't know the couple well, but still, I thought I had better do something, or as a good Italian would say, I'd better cook something!   After a quick look in my pantry and I figured I'd throw some ingredients in the bread maker and whip up a loaf at 6 am before flying out the door. 

After seeing the loaf of bread on the counter for almost a day, I decided this afternoon it was time to make a visit next door.  Could I just leave it on the doorstep?  I mean there are a lot of items to be crossed off my list and after all I didn't really know Sydney well and maybe his wife doesn't really want company.

Instead I rang the bell and ended up spending an hour with Rhoda, most definitely the longest conversation we've ever had.  She told me about her 68 year marriage, her grand kids, places she's lived and of course some juicy neighborhood gossip.  We talked about how and the sense of community in neighborhoods has been lost over the years and how much people really crave it.

The words of my friend echoed in my head, look at your priorities and make time for what's important. 
Turns out making bread is making progress.  The items on the list will be there tomorrow.  They can wait.  Doing the right thing, the thing that's most real and compassionate, that can't wait.

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