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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shake what your mama gave you

After our zip lining adventure in September, Pina and I decided to bring it indoors for an adventure of a different type.  We headed to Xenia for an evening of Mediterranean food and Belly Dancing by the beautiful Tava.

I've taken Tava's Belly Dancing classes before so I knew were were in for a good show.

We sampled many different types of food (I even tried lamb for the first time believe it or not!) and we were swept away by the beauty and abandon of the dancing.  During the performance Tava pulled several women up to dance.  Even our waitress (who had also taken Tava's classes) joined in the fun.

Even though these women may not have had Tava's blingy costume (or her abs for that matter), they danced with confidence and grace.  They were not self conscious.  They were proud and simply inspiring. 

It was such a great reminder to "shake what your mama gave you!"

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