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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mini adventures....are still adventures

November and December passed quickly without much time for Pina & I to plan our monthly adventure, so I made some mini adventures.  I say mini because they weren't totally new experiences, but at least it kept the spirit of adventure going.

In November, while in Aruba I went on a snorkeling adventure, and while I've been snorkeling before, this particular excursion was fun firstly because we explored a shipwreck, which was new.. But also because we brought slices of watermelon underwater and let the fish eat from our hands (which was sort of cool).

In December I went on a solo mini adventure to NYC.  Now I've been to NYC hundreds of times and have gone alone often, but never without a purpose.  I wasn't there to see a show or attend an event, and I didn't even go to shop. . In fact I had no agenda at all.   I spent the day wandering, people watching, and absorbing the Christmas spirit.

Ice skaters at Bryant Park

And so that we didn't totally lose our momentum, Pina and I planned a mini adventure (now becoming an annual outing) to see the Christmas lights at Paul Tudor Jones' home in Greenwich.   This year we were joined by Pina's daughter Danielle and Danielle's friend Ashley.  Pina was in charge of the hot chocolate and we had a great time with the girls. 

So even though we weren't zip lining through the sky, the spirit of adventure is still alive. 

What will January bring our way? If you've got suggestions, we'd like to hear them!

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