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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Retreat Before You Move Forward!

Do you sometimes feel you are on the hamster wheel?

It may be time for a retreat.

Sometimes it's important that there be not just a psychological separation but also a physical separation from all the hooks we have in us from our family, friends and work/life commitments.

Taking a retreat is about creating the sacred time and space - described by the Greek word Kairos - to hear your own voice, your True voice deep inside.

As author Joan Borysenko, author of Your Soul's Compass put it, "To get clarity of vision on your life, you have to get away from it". If clarity is what you seek, Retreats are the answer.

This week I'm heading to Kirpalu in the Berkshires for a personal retreat. I look forward to this every year....time to be quiet, write in my journal, hike, do lots of yoga, eat amazing food and just see what unfolds. It's amazing that 48 hours can be so powerful in restoring your energy! I highly recommend the R&R program.

Of course you don't have to drive two hours and spend two days to retreat.

Here are a few resources to check out:

20-Minute Retreats: Review Your Spirits in Just Minutes a Day with Simple Self-Led Exercises by Rachel Harris.

Woman's Retreat Book: A Guide to Restoring, Rediscovering and Reawakening Your True Self -- In a Moment, An Hour or a Weekend by Jennifer Louden

However or wherever you do it, just do it!

And enjoy,

PS What are your best tips for retreating?

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